Reasons To Include United Arab Emirates In Your Travel Destinations

uae tourist destinationsIf you’re looking for your next travel destination, you might want to include United Arab Emirates. Developing as one of the popular destinations in the world, this Middle Eastern country is not only home to a culturally vibrant population but also is larger than life. Here are some reasons to prepare for your trip to UAE.

Extraordinary Attractions

Although set in a desert terrain, the Emirates has something to offer from every part of the world. Boasting the world’s only—and largest—indoor aquarium, this captivating attraction houses more than 60,000 aquatic species, inclusive of the sand shark.

Aside from its vast marine life, the aquarium’s observatory is also home to the biggest living crocodile on the planet. Head over to Dubai’s Miracle Garden and Butterfly Park and experience being closer to nature with another level of serenity, beauty and peace.

Beautiful Beaches and Waterfronts

The Emirates features the perfect contrast of endless beaches and massive mountains on either side. So it’s no surprise that they took massive advantage of its vast coastline, dividing it into multiple beaches, each showcasing their respective attractions.

If you’re looking for water sports, drop by Dubai’s Kite Beach. Meanwhile, Jumeirah Beach is your mecca for high-end eateries and shopping malls by the beach.

Fujairah is the only Emirates found on the East Coast and offers impressively beautiful geography you can’t find anywhere else in the country. This is the perfect place for those who love snorkelling as its crystal clear waters are beaming with marine life. And this is the ideal place to enjoy the picturesque sunset and to unwind in one of its numerous luxurious beach resorts.

Serious Shopping

What better way to spend your time in Dubai than with some serious luxurious shopping. The Emirates boasts over a hundred enormous shopping malls, housing the best food, shopping and of course entertainment options. You’ll easily find the most expensive and the most affordable brands all under one roof!

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

To truly enjoy the outdoor Emirates, head over to Abu Dhabi in November. Not only will you dodge the desert sun, but also this time of the year marks the start of Abu Dhabi Formula 1, another reason to visit UAE.